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Book Su

Book RnB Music Artist and her band for Festivals, Interviews, Live shows, Private Events, Virtual Song greetings and more.

"She has a wonderful business, in a wonderful way and she gives wonderful service, for wonderful pay"

Virtual Greetings

 3- Way Calls
Leave a Voicemail
Zoom Party
Private Customized Youtube Links
Pop up show

Holiday Song Greeting


Click "Order Now" to see examples and templates

Mother's day medley

Mother's Day Greeting Flyer.png


Birthday Song


Birthday Song+
Uplifting Song 

Anniversaries, Engagements, Weddings

Prices, song list, and how to send payment will be listed once you click a date. Please read carefully before completing the forms to book. 

Book Your Jingle/Theme Song

Are you a small business? It's time to get a theme song or jingle that people can remember. Book yours now

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